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GIS4BUSINESS are independent specialist mapping and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) consultants and developers, delivering high quality GIS consultancy and software to a variety of UK business sectors.

Our aim is to enable our clients to make better use of geographical and locational business data in order to improve decision-making. Our staff are experienced and highly qualified GIS specialists who are trained in the latest technology. We can provide consultancy at exceptional rates either directly, by partnering with existing suppliers or through approved agents. Some of our principal services are shown below. Alternatively, we will gladly discuss your specific requirements. 

  • GIS feasibility and implementation.
  • GIS application and database design.
  • Integration of GIS with other systems.
  • Bespoke GIS analysis, reporting and map design.
  • Desktop and Web GIS user interface design.
  • Contract GIS resource (short/long term projects).
  • Desktop GIS Customisation.
  • GIS and Mapping Components.
  • Web Mapping Applications.
  • GI-based Web services.
  • Mobile GIS Applications.
  • Data manipulation & conversion.
  • Data cleansing & quality audit.
  • Data analysis & reporting.
  • Creation of derived data.
  • Data acquisition.

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