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GIS Customisation & Development

Modern GIS and mapping applications are configurable off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions that can be configured to fulfil many common business requirements. However, there are often business requirements that cannot be met adequately through configuration. In these instances, GIS customisation and development may be required to streamline workflows, improve processes or integrate with other systems to ensure the end solution is a success.

GIS and mapping functionality may also be a small part of another non-spatial application, such as an asset management system, where embedded GIS components or custom processes are required to deal with the locational element.

GIS4BUSINESS has been working with customers both large and small for many years to deliver tailored solutions that meet their business requirements. We are specialists in developing GIS customisations, tools and integration components for desktop, web and mobile GIS solutions, including automated and real-time data processing tasks, custom workflows and extensions, widgets and plugins.


GIS Customisation

Customisation of GIS desktop, web and mobile applications is often required to improve workflows or deliver specific functionality. GIS4BUSINESS has the required expertise and experience of developing GIS tools, extensions, plug-ins and widgets.


GIS Development

GIS4BUSINESS has the GIS development expertise and GIS domain knowledge to design and build custom desktop, web and mobile GIS and mapping applications. We can also assist with embedding GIS or mapping functionality within existing applications or web sites.

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