Project Description

GIS Customisation

Business requirements cannot always be met through configuration of off-the-shelf solutions. GIS customisation is often required to improve workflows or deliver specific functionality. However, many organisations do not have the coding expertise in-house to undertake often complex GIS customisation or development.

GIS4BUSINESS has the required expertise and experience in GIS customisation, including developing GIS tools, extensions, plug-ins and widgets for a range of desktop, web and mobile GIS applications. We can develop streamlined workflows to improve efficiency, geo-processing tools for manipulating and analysing spatial data and data processing tools for loading and managing GIS data.

We have experience in coding with most popular programming languages, including C#, Python and JavaScript and have knowledge of many of the proprietary and open source GIS SDKs and APIs available. Furthermore, we have the GIS and mapping domain knowledge required when working with spatial data and can provide training and ongoing support if required.


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