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GIS Data Management & Hosting

Managing and maintaining complex spatial information, whether internal or from third-parties, requires specialist knowledge that many businesses struggle to provide in-house. GIS4BUSINESS has the GIS data management knowledge and experience to maintain your GIS data for you, so that specialist skills are not required in-house. We can undertake support and maintenance of your geo-databases and manage regular updates to your data.

Providing the IT infrastructure to support storage and access to GIS data can also be expensive and difficult to justify, especially for SMEs. However, we can offer solutions where your GIS data is fully hosted and managed in the cloud and can provide a range of hosted services that can be consumed by your business applications. Secure access to these geo-services can be provided to suite your application requirements. For example, we can make data available as OGC compliant WMS, WFS or WMTS services or via the Esri REST API.

We are able to host entire web or mobile GIS applications in the cloud, enabling you to get up and running quickly and focus on the end solution and not on GIS data maintenance or the infrastructure required to support the application.


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