Project Description

Utility GIS Improvements

Portsmouth Water

Jul 2010 – Dec 2012

GIS4BUSINESS were asked to undertake a detailed review of the current state of Portsmouth Water’s GIS and asset data and to recommend and implement GIS improvements to improve data quality.

Following the review exercise, GIS4BUSINESS undertook:

  • Design and implementation of GIS improvements to the Esri Geodatabase data model, including consolidation of feature classes, additional attributes and domains.
  • Development of automated processes to improve the data quality, including snapping equipment (valves, meters etc) to the network, splitting of linear features at junctions and inferring missing sections of main that were historically removed for cartographic reasons.
  • Migration of existing data to the new data model, including handling feature-linked annotation and building an Esri Geometric Network.
  • Design and development of Esri customisations, using ArcObjects, that ensure ongoing maintenance of the data, including a class extension and custom tools.
  • Design and development of custom advanced network tracing tools and batch tracing utilities.
  • Design and development of custom tools to load data (addresses, postcodes, streets) into a central gazetteer and processes to geocode customer records and link properties to the pipe network.
  • Production of documentation and training materials and delivery of onsite training.

The GIS improvements implemented by GIS4BUSINESS greatly improved the quality of the asset data and have enabled Portsmouth Water to exploit its full potential for analysis, reporting and integration with other business systems.

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