Project Description

Service Area Analysis


May 2014 – Jun 2015

GIS4BUSINESS assisted Entran, an environment and transport consultancy, with several site selection projects for local authority customers, including finding the optimal location for refuse sites based on the expected service areas for refuse vehicles.

As part of the work, GIS4BUSINESS undertook the following:

  • Generation of service areas from prospective locations based on drive-times from GPS-based average speeds for HGVs.
  • Production of driving distances from prospective sites using Ordnance Survey road network data.
  • Presentation of the results of the service area analysis using professional quality high-resolution PDF maps combining the relevant service areas, driving distances and boundary datasets on an Ordnance Survey background.
  • Creation of various output reports in excel format from the results of spatial analysis.
  • Output of the results of service area analysis in shapefile format.

The maps and reports produced by GIS4BUSINESS allowed Entran to better interpret and visualise information regarding the proposed sites and present the analysis to their local authority customers, ultimately enabling better decision making.

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