Project Description

ArcGIS Online Integration


Mar 2017 – ongoing

GIS4BUSINESS enabled Seisintel to better support their Esri customers worldwide by integrating their data services with ArcGIS Online, making various datasets available in near real time using custom data synchronisation. The project was undertaken using an agile approach, working closely with Seisintel during configuration and development.

GIS4BUSINESS undertook the following as part of the project:

  • Configuration of the ArcGIS Online account, users, groups and roles;
  • Initial publishing of data from a PostGIS database to an ArcGIS Online feature service;
  • Design and development of Python batch processes to synchronise data in ArcGIS Online with changes from the source database;
  • Creation of administration documentation to enable ongoing support;
  • Creation of demonstration web maps and apps that utilise the ArcGIS Online service;
  • An options report covering future strategy with regards to Esri customers;
  • Provision of ad-hoc support to existing customers during initial deployment.

The solution was successfully tested by Seisintel and made available to their existing Esri customers.

“GIS4BUSINESS has highly motivated and effective GIS specialists with exceptional technical expertise in all areas of spatial analysis and spatial information.”

James Bandt, Seisintel
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