Project Description

3D Data Import to CAD using FME


Feb 2013 – Oct 2013

GIS4BUSINESS developed an automated import process using FME to load 3D point data representing various monitoring equipment, in use on a section of the Crossrail engineering project, from an excel file into a template AutoCAD DWG file.

The FME import process included the following:

  • Reading source data from multiple worksheets containing X, Y and Z coordinates along with other attribution for various types of monitoring equipment
  • Creation of 3D geometry features in AutoCAD format from the source records.
  • Generation of text annotation from attribution in the source file.
  • Separation of each equipment type into individual layers in the AutoCAD DWG file.
  • Writing the output features to the relevant pre-defined blocks in the AutoCAD DWG file.
  • Verification of data quality and logging of issues and errors to a log file.

Thanks to the automated FME import process developed by GIS4BUSINESS, Getec were able to request a number of runs of the import using updated source data. They were also able to streamline the production of the 3D CAD file, which would have taken a significant time to produce manually.

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