Project Description

AddressBase Premium Migration

Portsmouth Water

Jan 2016 – Apr 2016

The replacement of OS AddressLayer 2 with OS AddressBase Premium represented a significant change in data structure that required Portsmouth Water to migrate existing custom tools and processes to make use of the new address data source and ensure that their address data was kept up-to-date.

GIS4BUSINESS undertook the design and development of changes to existing custom tools within Portsmouth Water’s enterprise Esri GIS solution as part of the migration to OS AddressBase Premium. The work included:

  • Design and implementation of changes to the Esri geodatabase schema to accommodate OS AddressBase data within the existing gazetteer;
  • Design, development and implementation of changes to existing custom gazetteer data loading tools to enable loading of OS AddressBase GML files;
  • Development of a one-off process to populate a new ‘display text’ field to improve the usability of the address gazetteer data on mobile devices.

The geodatabase and code changes were implemented in a non-live environment to allow Portsmouth Water to test the changes, before being deployed into the live environment.

GIS4BUSINESS supported Portsmouth Water thoughout testing and implementation, ensuring a seamless transition to the new address data source.

“Our 8 years of working with GIS4BUSINESS has been and continues to be very positive, with successful completion of upgrades, various projects, customisations and training.”

Diane Bourne, Portsmouth Water
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