Project Description

Incident Display and Reporting

Severn Trent Water

Nov 2014 – May 2015

GIS4BUSINESS were involved in the design and development of Severn Trent Water’s updated web and mobile customer incident display and reporting pages, known as ‘In My Area’.

Acting as technical lead for the overall solution, GIS4BUSINESS provided extensive guidance and best practice to the third-party web developers and were also involved extensively in the usability and performance enhancements that helped ensure the success of the project.

GIS4BUSINESS involvement in the project included:

  • Producing the detailed technical design relating to the GIS components of the solution and how they integrate with non-GIS components.
  • Design of the underlying Esri geodatabase schema to support storage and display of work order and work notification information sourced from SAP, including geometry.
  • Development of supporting processes, including the SQL Server C# CLR triggers that transform work notification and work order information from SAP and create spatial features in the GIS database.
  • Support during development and testing of the overall solution, including the integration with SAP.

Based on business logic defined by STW, a subset of work orders that are related to ongoing incidents are synchronised to a secure ArcGIS Online feature service, which is then consumed by several web maps that are embedded in the ‘In My Area’ pages on the main STW website.

In addition to being consumed by public facing web maps, the work order and notification information held in the GIS database is also available to several internal GIS solutions within STW.

“STW have employed a variety of services from GIS4BUSINESS that have involved a range of technologies and complexity with significant collaboration across our business. The quality of outputs and professionalism are excellent and we would not hesitate to engage GIS4BUSINESS for future projects.”

Nick Williams, Severn Trent Water
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