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OS Open Map Local

OS Open Map Local is the most detailed street-level open data product currently available from Ordnance Survey. The data includes roads, buildings, railways, hydrology, woodland and accompanying cartographic text, making it a great option for map backgrounds, basic reference data and spatial analysis.

OS Open Map Local can be combined with other OS datasets, such as OS Vector Map District and OS Mastermap to provide map reference data at various resolutions.

GIS4BUSINESS is an OS Partner and can supply OS Open Map Local data in most major formats and for the coverage you require, from a small area to full UK coverage.

Type Vector – Points, Lines & Polygons
Layers Buildings, Glasshouses, Functional Sites, Important Buildings, Roads, Roundabouts, Motorway Junctions, Car Charging Points, Surface Water, Tidal Boundaries, Tidal Water, Foreshore, Railways, Railway Stations, Electricity Transmission Lines, Woodland, Names Places
Scale Nominal viewing scale of 1:10,000 with a recommended viewing scale range of 1:3,000 to 1:20,000
Coverage Full UK or your area of interest
Update Frequency 6 monthly
Formats Available Esri Shapefile, Esri File Geodatabase, MapInfo TAB, PostGIS, Others
Pricing Processing fee (dependent on coverage and format)
Licensing Open (License Information)
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OS Open Roads is a mid-scale topologically connected road network dataset covering the UK. The data includes road centrelines classified by the national and local highway authorities, nodes representing connections and motorway junctions.


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Data Maintenance

Our GIS experts can maintain your GIS data on your behalf, including Ordnance Survey and other third-party data. We can apply regular updates to ensure that your applications have up-to-date maps and reference information, reducing the risk of incorrect decisions that are based on out-of-date information.

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