Project Description

GIS Data Conversion & Loading

A wide variety of commercial and open GIS datasets are now available from a range of sources. These datasets are often provided in formats that are not readily useable out of the box and require GIS data conversion and loading to work with your own database or data store. This means handling the conversion, loading and update of GIS datasets can consume many hours of support and maintenance effort and diverts resources from their core roles.

GIS4BUSINESS can simplify the maintenance of your data by undertaking GIS data conversion to translate these datasets into the native format that is required by your software or database. We can also assist you with loading almost any format of GIS data directly into your database and can put in place processes to simplify regular updates to the data.

Often there is a requirement to extract data from your own database to provide to contractors or other external organisations in a specific format. We can assist with one-off GIS data conversion or can help put in place automated data extract processes so that time is not wasted manually extracting data.

We can also geo-code non-spatial data such as customer addresses and postcodes and can geo-reference CAD or aerial images so that this data can be visualised on a map.


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