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A wide range of Ordnance Survey data is now freely available as Open Data, including map background, gazetteer, postcode, road, river and terrain datasets.

OS Open Data products are freely available under an Open Government license, but are only available from OS in a limited range of formats and are often supplied tiled or as full UK coverage.

GIS4BUSINESS can supply OS Open Data products in the correct format for your system and covering your specific area of interest. We can provide regular updates to these datasets as they become available, so your OS Open Data is always kept up-to-date. We can also combine several products and deliver them as a single dataset.

In some cases, we have enhanced the standard OS product with additional attribution that our customers find useful. For full details, feel free to browse our OS Open Data products below.


OS Open Map Local

OS Open Map Local is the most detailed street-level open data product currently available from Ordnance Survey. The data includes roads, buildings, railways, hydrology, woodland and cartographic text, making it a great option for map backgrounds and spatial analysis.


OS Open Roads

OS Open Roads is a mid-scale topologically connected road network dataset covering the UK. The data includes road centrelines classified by the national and local highway authorities, nodes representing connections and motorway junctions.


OS Open Names

The OS Open Names dataset contains point locations for settlements, roads and postcodes in the UK, along with names and basic contextual information. It can be used in spatial analysis or for building basic gazetteer search and geocoding functionality.


OS Code-Point Open

OS Code-Point Open contains points representing locations of UK Postcodes along with basic contextual information. GIS4BUSINESS has enhanced the original dataset by providing formatted (single spaced) postcode, postcode area, district and sector attributes.


OS Open Rivers

OS Open Rivers is a mid-scale topologically connected watercourse network dataset covering the UK. The data includes inland and tidal rivers, canals and connecting source, junction and outlet nodes. It can be used as reference information or for spatial and network analysis.


OS Boundary-Line

The OS Boundary-Line dataset contains details of administrative boundaries for England, Scotland and Wales, including counties, districts, boroughs, wards and parishes. The boundaries can be used in combination with a range of government statistical data to perform analysis.

If you are interested in any of our products or services, contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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